about nutrimin

Nutrimin is a wholly owned and operated Canadian company specializing in manufacturing and distributing premium vitamins globally. 

At Nutrimin, our goal is to provide Individuals of all cultures, the choice and benefits of adding vitamins and nutritional supplements to their diets. We are careful to select the highest quality ingredients for our products, ensuring the purity and potency in each bottle we sell.

  • Our products are made with Non GMO ingredients

  • We follow a strict manufacturing process to ensure they are vegetarian and the majority are vegan.

  • Best of all each and every vitamin is 100% Canadian made, following the strict guidelines set out by Health Canada. 

Nutrimin Halal Gummy Vitamins

We believe in the promotion of healthy choices, healthy eating, and living healthy with style that will help you feeling naturally beautiful, motivated and happy inside and out! Exactly the way you were meant to be! We are committed to encouraging you to get there in leaps and bounds, or one step at a time, with the use of our NUTRIMIN Multi Vitamins.

NUTRIMIN was founded upon three core principles: A perpetual commitment to quality, a dedication to the innovation and improvement of human health, and the recognition of Canadian standards and products worldwide. Our focus is on providing people around the world with natural, vegan, halal, vegetarian sourced supplements. Our products cater to the dietary needs of people of various cultural, ethnic, religious, and lifestyle origins. All of our products are 100% Vegan and 100% Halal. Every single bottle marketed by NUTRIMIN is manufactured in GMP-compliant facilities that have been approved by both the Federal Drug Administration as well as Health Canada.

At NUTRIMIN, we promise to provide you with an exceptional product that meets all regulatory and health standards, and we are committed to your satisfaction. We don’t cheat you out of the daily essential multivitamins you need by adding unnecessary fillers or reducing the number of tablets in each bottle. We also don’t give you more of something you don’t need either. We like to keep it as simple and as natural as possible.  Our competitors may try to cut costs and reduce the price, or they’ll try to convince you that they have a lot more ingredients in their products, many of which, the normal consumer has no idea about.

When it comes to your health, and those of your loved ones and significant others, we don’t want you to take a chance. Your health is very important to us, and we want to always take care of your vitamin and mineral supplemental needs. You can rest assured that every product sold by NUTRIMIN is 100% Vegan, 100% Halal, and 100% Safe and effective for your natural health.